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From Muzza <>
Subject Re: Slow consumer configuration
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 08:00:30 GMT

Hi James, that's fair comment, apologies.

My scenario is below :

Persistant Queues, using out of the box persistance.
Message size approx 110kb.
Max Message Volume on a requestQueue circa 50,000

1 Producer to a requestQueue
1 MDB (with say 10 threads configurable in Websphere AS 5.1) listening on
MDBs pass message to Stateless Session Bean, which then retrieves data
against a database, it is here that the delay of approx 9 seconds occurs.
Based on the response from the database we can then deliver to an
exceptionQueue, generalExceptionQueue or responseQueue.

My application is J2EE1.3 spec and is deployed within WAS 5.1, as we can
connect to any JMS queue provider our code in the Application is generic and
we work off the QueueConnectionFactory to get to our queues.

My main problem is that I need a configuration of ActiveMQ whereby I can set
the prefetch limit to something really small, so if I have 10 MDBS perhaps
only a prefetch limit of 10 and I guess my frustration lies here, as I'm not
coding the connection to the queue specifically.

Should I set the consumer.preFetchsize=1 when configuring the queues in
Websphere ?

Or should I use the jms.preFetchPolicy.queuePrefetch=1 setting ?

Can I define my queues in ActiveMQ.xml and give them the above settings ?

As you have gleaned already I need a configuration that will simply Accept
messages onto a queue, which will build up to a volume of circa 50000
messages, and then have my consumer process them as and when it can, without
losing messages.

Again, apologies for my rant.

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