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From Muzza <>
Subject Slow consumer configuration
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 22:52:24 GMT

First off I'm seriously starting to doubt ActiveMQ as a viable production
solution. Let me explain......

I have a J2EE 1.3 application Deployed within WAS 5.1. One producer puts
messages onto an ActiveMQ 4.0.1 queue and then an MDB consumes these
messages, processes them against a DB and forwards them onto a Response

I have a delay of about 9 seconds on the consumer, so I'm into the classic
slow consumer, fast producer scenario.

Can ActiveMQ 4.0.1 handle this scenario and if so what configuration changes
can I make to ensure it handles the situation ?

I have upgraded from 3.2.2 believing 4.0.1 would have this issue solved.
I've seen many posts enquiring about the Slow Consumer but never seen a
definitive answer to configuring this in ActiveMQ ? (Not hardcoding but

Mention of prefetch policys, prefetchsize and various Destination Policies
have been seen but can you once and for all produce instructions for solving
this situation ?

I believe in providing the above you will head off many more requests like
this as all that I want to be sure of is that I NEVER lose a message, yet
with pausing applications and bizarre memory usage I just don't feel
confident that ActiveMQ 4.X can provide a stable Production Queuing system.

Apologies if this is doom and gloom, but I've spent weeks on this having
upgraded from 3.2.2 to 4.0.1 and still can't get a configuration to suit
many customers.

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