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From garyleeson <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ eats memory
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 09:13:06 GMT

We had a similar problem, and it continued for weeks despite all the tweeks
and "fixes" I tried.
The solution for us that seems to work is:

           <amq:usageManager id="memory-manager" limit="1048576"/>

otherwise activeMQ seems to keep on going until it hogs the whole memory.
The useJmx option did
not seem to have much of an effect if it was enabled or not.

That said the host OS we are using is Linux, so I am not too sure if the
above will work in your case.


SimonInOz wrote:
> My ActiveMQ 4.01 installaton eats memory.
> I have an ActiveMQ setup running on a single box. I just use it for local
> messages (publish/subscribe). Persistance is turned off (at least I think
> it is). I have no associated database. The installation is a straight out
> of the box. (Windows 2003, Java 1.5.0_07b03).
> I start up ActiveMQ using the command options 
> persistent=false
> useJmx=true
> in the command line. It seesm to run wonderfully.
> OK. so what I ought to have is a simple mesage broker. No problem. It
> should stay running for weeks, months, years.
> But according to Windows it gradually uses up memory. It starts at maybe
> 30Mb, and gradually increases - it's currently at about 190Mb (it's been
> running for a week with message numbers in the thousands, not hundreds of
> thousands).
> There's an option in the xml config to limit memory use. But why should
> memory get consumed? What happens to it?  If I limit the memory will it
> start to swap (I really, really don't want that).
> thanks for any sage-like advice,
> Simon (in Sydney where it is winter)

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