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From bhartsb <>
Subject Security and restricting access
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 11:35:36 GMT

I want to restrict all topic/queue creation to a) a few admin users with
usernames and passwords, and b) specific applications that will authenticate
programatically using a username and password.  

I've read some of the posts, plus I've looked at

I have not found yet a simple example of how to accomplish what I'm asking.

Per the ActiveMQ security information I have several problems with it and or

1)  In the beginning it mentions: "a default authorization mechanism using a
simple XML configuration file.   Where is the example of this?  There is an
example given below on the same page but it seems to be for JAAS.  

2)  If one were to use JAAS, where is SIMPLE information on how JAAS
cohabitates/integrates/installs with ActiveMQ?  Something like an overview
would be really nice!  JAAS seems like it has a pretty substantial learning
curve associated with it.  It is painfull to have to spend an inordinate
amount of time reading and familiarizing just to do something as simple as
what I've described.

3)  The sample code and files given on the page, really seem to assume lots
of prior background knowlege of the reader, and the page is mostly
unintelligible to a newbie.

Hope someone can shed some light.

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