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From Anders Bengtsson <>
Subject Re: Network with slow link
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 13:18:10 GMT

James.Strachan wrote:
>> The brokers will create points of failure on the way to the consumers in
>> B,
>> so I'll need redundant brokers. How would I configure multiple redundant
>> brokers in both networks, but still minimizing the number of messages
>> between A and B?
> Just run 2 brokers on each side of the slow link so that things will
> failover if one of the dies?

Yes, that's what we tried. We ran into issues with the brokers not
re-starting as they should, which I've now reported as AMQ-870.

On a related issue, should AMQ detect message loops? Some documentation says
that it does, by keeping a list of all visited brokers in each message,
while other documentation (for network TTL) warns about the risk of loops
with a high network TTL.
We experienced a few message loops when trying out some more complex broker
network topologies.


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