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From superuser <>
Subject HA features
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 21:20:05 GMT

Hi i was trying to set up a HA broker config via Master/Slave according to
the following:

The fact that there is no automatic fail-back makes using this option *very*
difficult to support in a production environment.  Specifically, once the
cluster has failed over to the secondary broker (which as documented seems
to work fine), the cluster cannot be recovered without the downtime required
to stop the SECONDARY, copy the datafiles, start the PRIMARY. This makes
routine maintenance of the PRIMARY impossible, because as soon as this
happens you are not HA without the required downtime & interruption of
service required to fail back to the primary.

I am not intimataly familiar with the internals of ActiveMQ, but it seems to
me that the easiest way to fix this would be some way of allowing the
primary to turn into the secondary (and visa-versa) when it comes back
online. This alone should be enough to allow the cluster to continue
servicing requests.  If a the new primary (old secondary) then needs to be
taken down (maintenance, failure) it then swaps back to the secondary role.

Thoughts? Are there any current JIRA issues i should be tracking WRT this
functionality, or should i create a new request?

TIA for any help.
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