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From Abdul Alhazred <>
Subject Re: Question about clustering and reliable delivery
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 12:09:47 GMT

James.Strachan wrote:
> OK, I guess I'll have to experiment with JDBC replication. The section on
> that says something about only being fully supported on 4.1, but if it
> works on 4.0.2 that will be fine. I can't really deploy non-production
> software releases in our production systems... 
> I'm also curious how master/slave interacts with clustering. Can cluster
> nodes be replicated? If so how would THAT affect message delivery? I can
> see how it would be POSSIBLE for that to work, I guess the question is
> does it? I would expect a naive implementation to fail to deliver messages
> in order in that case (IE master fails, other brokers pick up its
> connections via client failover, some new messages are delivered,
> meanwhile slave joins the cluster and now has older messages available).
> Maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing, but we have anticipated
> requirements to deliver in excess of 500k messages per hour under peak
> loads with an ABSOLUTE zero loss rate. ;)
> On 8/3/06, Abdul Alhazred <> wrote:
>> OK, here's the scenario:
>> I have a number of producers, which produce a rather large number of
>> messages, thus I need to be able to direct these messages to a set of
>> clustered ActiveMQ brokers, and likewise there are numbers of consumers
>> on
>> the other side of the cluster receiving these messages.
>> So far this is all fine, but these messages MUST be guaranteed delivered
>> and
>> processed in order. Exclusive Consumer is fine for this. Now what happens
>> if
>> the database server backing one of the brokers in the cluster fails? Both
>> the consumers and producers can fail over to another broker, but now
>> whatever messages are stored in that particular database are GONE (IE any
>> which haven't yet been consumed).
> The assumption is that the file or database is reliable. Failing that
> you can use Master/Slave to replicate to different disks.
>> What would be a recommended solution? It looks like ActiveMQ 4.1's JDBC
>> master/slave would be a good answer, but I'd really like to have a
>> solution
>> I can deploy in the near term.
> JDBC master/slave works great today - assuming you have reilable
> databases. Though its fairly slow since it requires you to disable the
> high performance journal.
> Using a shared file system Master/Slave or using straight Master/Slave
> is probably your best option if you have high performance requirements
>> Pure database replication doesn't appear to
>> be a real answer because master/slave replication in RDBMS are
>> asynchronous
>> (thus the slave database server might not yet have received all updates
>> at
>> the point where the crash occured). Besides in that case it would seem a
>> new
>> broker would have to join the cluster and start up using the replica
>> database, which brings up various issues with what would happen with
>> ordering of message delivery in the mean time.
> Ordering is guarrenteed with Shared-FileSystem and JDBC based
> Master/Slaves.
> -- 
> James
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