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From Abdul Alhazred <>
Subject Question about clustering and reliable delivery
Date Thu, 03 Aug 2006 13:38:04 GMT

OK, here's the scenario:

I have a number of producers, which produce a rather large number of
messages, thus I need to be able to direct these messages to a set of
clustered ActiveMQ brokers, and likewise there are numbers of consumers on
the other side of the cluster receiving these messages.

So far this is all fine, but these messages MUST be guaranteed delivered and
processed in order. Exclusive Consumer is fine for this. Now what happens if
the database server backing one of the brokers in the cluster fails? Both
the consumers and producers can fail over to another broker, but now
whatever messages are stored in that particular database are GONE (IE any
which haven't yet been consumed). 

What would be a recommended solution? It looks like ActiveMQ 4.1's JDBC
master/slave would be a good answer, but I'd really like to have a solution
I can deploy in the near term. Pure database replication doesn't appear to
be a real answer because master/slave replication in RDBMS are asynchronous
(thus the slave database server might not yet have received all updates at
the point where the crash occured). Besides in that case it would seem a new
broker would have to join the cluster and start up using the replica
database, which brings up various issues with what would happen with
ordering of message delivery in the mean time. 
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