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From Hyatt <>
Subject Re: activeMQ embedded broker in separate war
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 01:56:45 GMT

I am an ActiveMQ newbie.  I am having some of the same issues expressed in
this thread.  I'd like to use embedded broker(s); but, I want to separate
the management web-app (console example) from the end-user web-app (chat
+ Config and run the ActiveMQ web-console example: Okay, Done, works great
+ Config and run the ActiveMQ chat example: Okay, Done, works great
+ Run the web-console AND the chat example, as two separate web-apps: Crash,
Burn, Smoke, Fire (I can reproduce and send errors if needed, but the errors
are more inline with other email threads about Journal file already in-use
and cannot create broker because broker is already running....I read those
threads, and decided that the solutions provided here are closer to what I
think I need).

Let's start with the chat example, and start with James Strachan's comment:
> The VM transport only works when the JMS client and broker are in the
> same classloader. If you are using 2 separate WARs then the VM
> transport cannot be used - so you'll have to use TCP to connect to the
> same broker

Excellent, I've read that embedded brokers can be created with EITHER:
vm://localhost OR tcp://localhost:port.  CORRECT?

I changed the web.xml file.  I changed what worked (vm://localhost) to (I
tried all of these):
tcp://localhost FAILED
tcp://localhost:61616 FAILED
tcp://localhost:8084 (the port used by NetBean's Bundled Tomcat server at
runtime) FAILED
If I can get the chat example to work with an embedded broker using tcp://
rather than vm://, then I should be able to use the rest of the information
in this thread to access the embedded broker from two web-apps.

Am I doing enough by changing the web.xml, or do I need to change the broker
connections in the Java code?  What am I doing wrong?

Using Linux, Tomcat, ActiveMQ 4.0.1, Java 1.5

Thanks for your help.

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