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From "Jamie McCrindle" <>
Subject performance of message selectors
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 17:04:08 GMT
hi all,

first off, i realise that my usage pattern cuts against the grain but
here's the scenario nonetheless:

i have a queue of messages with an "id" message property (not to
confused with JMSMessageID) and i regularly need to pull a particular
message (with a particular "id") off of that queue. i do that by
creating a message consumer that has a selector something like "id =
'" + someid + "'".

performance is quite poor as the queue gets larger.

in the future, i'll put those messages into a table with an index
against id but for now i was wondering if there is any tuning i can
apply to get it to go faster. i've read
and only setting the prefetch size to 1 seems applicable.


ps. anyone else using message selectors like this?

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