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From Adrian Co <>
Subject Re: app to web demo
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2006 01:42:37 GMT

I did a quick scan of the portfolio demo, and it is using an embedded 
broker via (vm://localhost). This means that only jms clients within the 
same vm can connect to it.

Some possible workarounds:

1. Change the org.apache.activemq.brokerURL parameter in the web.xml to 
a tcp connector (tcp://localhost:61616) and start up a separate  broker 
with a tcp connector. You can now create a separate jms client and 
connect to the same tcp address.

2. Configure an embedded broker with a tcp connector. Change the 
org.apache.activemq.brokerURL to something like:


You should be able to connect to the embedded broker using 
"tcp://localhost:6000". For more details on embedded broker 
configuration using the vm transport refer to:

Adrian Co

pdread wrote:
> New to ActiveMQ, trying to get an Application to subscribe to the same topic
> as the Portfolio web demo. That is, I would like an app and the web to both
> subscribe to the same queue. I tried the
> ActiveMQConnectionFactory("vm://localhost") but according to the ActiveMQ
> debug the App tries to start a broker, fails because one has the same port,
> then exits. The app is on the same machine as the container...would this
> matter? 
> I using Eclipse/Tomcat/spring to run the portfolio demo, which works fine.
> THanks
> Paul

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