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From Manuel Teira <>
Subject Re: Connection lost in JMS to JMS Bridge scenario.
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:47:19 GMT
Thanks for your fast answer. Looking further into my problem, I was 
inspecting the ACTIVEMQ_MSGS database table used as persistence for 

Starting with the remote SunMQ down:

In the beginning:

SQL> select count(*) from ACTIVEMQ_MSGS where container='queue://SUNRECV';


When I send a message to the queue using the JMX console queue operation 
sendTextMessage, I can see the logs talking about trying to send the 
message. The JMX console shows a QueueSize of 1 for SUNRECV queue, but 
in the Database, I still have the same count of zero messages.

If I send a message to the queue using an external client:

SQL> select count(*) from ACTIVEMQ_MSGS where container='queue://SUNRECV';


And the JMX console is now showing a QueueSize of 2.

Therefore, on restarting the two brokers, I find these cases:
1.-SUNRECV queue doesn't exist in ActiveMQ. This seems to be related 
with the fact to have sent the messages using the JMX console.
2.-SUNRECV queue exists in ActiveMQ with the same number of messages the 
DB was holding on restart. For whatever reason these messages are not 
sent to SunMQ broker. When a new message hits this queue, old messages 
are lost and the new one reaches SunMQ (the DequeueCount shown in the 
JMX console is however right (old + new)).
3.-SUNRECV queue exists in ActiveMQ and all the messages where sent to 
the SunMQ broker.

Should we consider this a different problem or the same one?
Do you think one JIRA is enough for this?



James Strachan escribió:
> On 8/25/06, Manuel Teira <> wrote:
>>  Hello and sorry for the previous message, it seems I pressed the wrong
>> button.
>>  I'm using ActiveMQ JMS to JMS Bridge functionality to connect to a  
>> SunMQ
>> JMS Broker (3.6 SP3  (Build 02-A)). I'm using two queues, an input 
>> and an
>> output one, with the following configuration:
>>      <jmsBridgeConnectors>
>>        <jmsQueueConnector
>> outboundQueueConnectionFactory="#REMOTE">
>>        <outboundQueueBridges>
>>          <outboundQueueBridge outboundQueueName="SUNRECV"/>
>>        </outboundQueueBridges>
>>        <inboundQueueBridges>
>>          <inboundQueueBridge inboundQueueName="SUNSEND"/>
>>        </inboundQueueBridges>
>>        </jmsQueueConnector>
>>      </jmsBridgeConnectors>
>>  under ActiveMQ 4.0.1
>>  The system works really well until the SunMQ broker needed to be 
>> restarted.
>> This is what I found:
>>  1.-ActiveMQ is not aware of the remote broker shutdown. I waited for a
>> while, but no log on ActiveMQ indicates knowledge about the new 
>> situation.
>>  2.-When I send a message to the output queue SUNRECV, ActiveMQ 
>> complains
>> that the producer is closed:
>>  [ERROR][2006/08/25.09:47:12.039][ActiveMQ Session Task]failed to 
>> forward
>> message: ActiveMQTextMessage {commandId = 5, responseRequired = false,
>> messageId = ID:trabucco-43457-1156491843149-3:4:1:1:1,
>> originalDestination = null, originalTransactionId = null, producerId =
>> ID:trabucco-43457-1156491843149-3:4:1:1, destination =
>> queue://SUNRECV, transactionId = null, expiration = 0, timestamp =
>> 1156492032027, arrival = 0, correlationId = null, replyTo = null, 
>> persistent
>> = false, type = null, priority = 0, groupID = null, groupSequence = 0,
>> targetConsumerId = null, compressed = false, userID = null, content = 
>> null,
>> marshalledProperties = null, dataStructure = null, redeliveryCounter 
>> = 0,
>> size = 2, properties = null, readOnlyProperties = true, readOnlyBody 
>> = true,
>> text = 1}([C4064]: Cannot perform operation, producer is closed.)
>>   After this, it is automatically queueing messages without sending 
>> them,
>> showing the log:
>>  [DEBUG][2006/08/25.09:47:42.721][RMI TCP Connection(4)-]No
>> subscriptions registered, will not dispatch message at this time.
>>   Even if SunMQ is started again, ActiveMQ is not detecting the new
>> situation, and continues queueing messages sent to SUNRECV.
>>  3.-Once I restart ActiveMQ broker (with SunMQ previously restarted) two
>> things can happen:
>>    a.-ActiveMQ sends the previously queued messages to SunMQ. I can find
>> SUNRECV queue in the 'queues' section of the jmx console with the 
>> correct
>> number of dequeued messages.
>>    b.-ActiveMQ sends nothing to SunMQ. The jmx console doesn't show the
>> bridged queue, however, there's an advisory topic called:
>> ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Queue.SUNRECV.
>>        When a new message is sent to SUNRECV, the queue is created in
>> ActiveMQ, but the old messages seems to be lost (The jmx console 
>> shows 1 for
>> the Enqueue and Dequeue count and SunMQ shows one message in its queue).
>>  This situation is far from desired. So, I would like to know:
>>  -Is there any way to make ActiveMQ broker test the bridge connection 
>> state?
> No not really
>> Is there any way to force a reconnection?
> If a send fails we should tear down and reconnect the producer. Could
> you raise a JIRA for this please?
>>  -Should ActiveMQ detect the remote side shutdown?
> It can't really - all it can do is respond to the send/consume failing

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