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From Sandeep Chayapathi <>
Subject Composite Destination and Stomp
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:50:27 GMT
  I use the ruby Stomp client to send message to a composite 
destination, made of a queue and a topic. Here is the snippet of the code:
require 'stomp'

client ="test","user","localhost","61613")

for i in 0..10
    sleep 1
    client.send "/queue/FOO.durable,/topic/FOO.test", "[Ruby] message " 
+ i.to_s
    puts "[Ruby] message " + i.to_s


 Using JConsole, Im able to see that this creates two queues:
  . FOO.durable  &
  . /topic/FOO.test

 where as I had expected FOO.test to turn up under the topics. Im using 
ActiveMQ 4.0.2. What is the correct way to use durable destination under 
stomp ?

- Sandeep

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