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From Eugene Prokopiev <>
Subject Re: XA connection and XA session in separate threads
Date Mon, 21 Aug 2006 12:02:58 GMT
>> 1. My ActiveMQXAConnection.createXASession() implementation looks like
>> dirty hack and can't work propertly because transaction started but not
>> commited anywhere. What is the rigth place to start and commit/rollback
>> transaction?
> Normally the JCA container does this. If you are using Spring then the
> Spring Transaction Manager or Message Listener container shoudl do
> this - not the connection factory
>> 2. Is it possible to include similar ActiveMQXAConnectionFactory
>> implementation into ActiveMQ? It will be very useful for using with
>> Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer for example.
> I'd rather fix Spring's container to work with any JMS provider
> properly than adding a dirty hack to ActiveMQ
> Enlistment is the responsibility of the container - be it Jencks, MDB
> container or Spring.

But org.jencks.pool.PooledSpringXAConnectionFactory enlists XA session 
with JTA transaction. It's only do this in single thread but can't do 
with XA connection and XA session in separate threads - see topic "Using 
PooledSpringXAConnectionFactory in different threads" above in mail list.

Is this design wrong or it can by used in some cases? What's the 
difference between PooledSpringXAConnectionFactory and my approach?

>>  Now JTA transactions
>> can't work with ActiveMQ/Spring/DefaultMessageListenerContainer.
> You'd best ask the Spring guys - I'm not sure if the Spring container
> supports JTA

Spring supports nothing ... but it can wrap many technoogies such as JTA 
by wrapping JOTM, Geronimo or some other transaction managers.

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