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From Eugene Prokopiev <>
Subject Re: Clustered JDBC database as message store and network of brokers
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 15:57:53 GMT
> Grab the 4.1-SNAPSHOT (see the link on the download page)

Need I use networkConnector between brokers which use JDBC Master Slave? 
I see networkConnector in example on page but I have very starnge 
problem even with this simple context and last 4.1 snapshot:

         <bean id="broker" 
class="" init-method="start" 
                 <property name="persistent" value="false"/>
                 <property name="transportConnectorURIs">
                 <property name="networkConnectorURIs">

I can't stop this context by Ctrl+C, so I need to use kill -KILL. After 
commenting networkConnectorURIs I can stop context without any problem.

Eugene Prokopiev

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