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From Eugene Prokopiev <>
Subject Re: Clustered JDBC database as message store and network of brokers
Date Fri, 11 Aug 2006 11:45:25 GMT
I tried to use one clustered database for some brokers in assumption 
that every broker connected to database (but not connected into network) 
will see the same messages in queues and so there are no difference to 
which broker consumer will be connected.

But my assumption is wrong. I can send message to one queue on broker, 
but another broker will not refresh the same queue relaing on database 

So, there are no way to create network of brokers in which every broker 
is ready to serve clients with same queue contents, am I right?

It's possible to use network topology in which only one broker has 
message, so this message can be loosed on broker failure. Another option 
is copy every message from master broker to slave broker, but in this 
case I can work with only one broker (master) at any point in time.

In last release I can use only standart Master/Slave configuration 
described in, am I right?

When release with Shared File System Master Slave and JDBC Master Slave 
will be available for production use? Where can I download snapshots 
with it support?

Eugene Prokopiev

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