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From Nguyen Kien Trung <>
Subject Re: Same class but not equal ==
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 01:35:37 GMT
Thanks, James for the prompt reply.

You're right about the classloader. In my third log.debug(), I tried to 
compare classloader of two classes (whose types look the same)
And it returns FALSE. It means, there's a difference in classloader.

I'm not quite familiar with classloader stuff, so let's me explain my 
package deployment so that you could help me to figure out.

I deploy in JBoss 4.0.4.GA as war files, each war file contains Core.jar 
(which has all model classes - classes that i'm talking above regarding 
the error) and Lingo.jar
        || ActiveMQ
        || ActiveMQ

There are 2 things which may be important to consider
1) When i switch to JBossMQ, then things are going just fine.
2) The error occurs randomly - not for particular method in the proxy object
3) When I try to debug - timing delay - then there's no error

>>      log.debug("equal class loader ==? : " +
>> (m.getParameterTypes()[0].getClassLoader() ==
>> invocation.getParameterTypes()[0].getClassLoader())); // return false

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