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From Nguyen Kien Trung <>
Subject Same class but not equal ==
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 11:20:16 GMT
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I've got a mysterious error...<br>
I'm using Lingo and ActiveMQ for remote method invocation.<br>
When receiving a RemoteInvocation object, Lingo uses reflection to
invoke method on proxy object which has been created earlier. But the
invocation throws NoSuchMethodException. I logged as much as I could
and found out:<br>
1) By introspecting the proxy object, it's confirmed that it contains
the required method for invocation<br>
2) The parameters retrieved from RemoteInvocation object (invocation)
by getParameterTypes() and from the proxy object by introspection are
similar in terms of <b>class type</b><br>
3) Interesting results<br>
<tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; log.debug("equal==? : " + (m.getParameterTypes()[0]
invocation.getParameterTypes()[0])); <b>// return false</b><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; log.debug("equal? : " +
return false</b><br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; log.debug("equal class loader ==? : " +
(m.getParameterTypes()[0].getClassLoader() ==&nbsp;
invocation.getParameterTypes()[0].getClassLoader())); <b>// return
- m: of type java.lang.reflect.Method : method in the proxy object<br>
- invocation: of type : invocation
object received from ActiveMQ<br>
</tt>So, the issue here is: "Same class but not equal"<br>
Is there anything in marshalling and demarshalling process of ActiveMQ
that could lead to this problem?<br>
Appreciate for any advice<br>

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