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From "Matthew L. Hyatt" <>
Subject getTopics
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 02:58:26 GMT
First, thank you for helping with my previous problems running multiple 
web-apps. I can now run the two samples at the same time.

Today I tried getting a List of current topics.  I'm sure I've 
overlooked something basic in the API that will do the trick.

 I converted the sample "chat.html" into chat.jsp.  Then, using the sample 
code: "ActiveMQ-Web-Console/topics.jsp" as my guide, I 
attempted to get a Collection of Topics in my new chat.jsp.  I attached 
"xbean.XBeanBrokerService" and proved that it worked by fetching a simple 
String (getBrokerName).  It worked.  But, when I tried: 
MyBeanRef.getAdminView().getTopics()  my favorite error: "Journal already 
open" was returned.  All other attempts to get Topics via getAdminView, 
resulted in the same error.

Before I attempt to copy and rework BrokerFacade and ApplicationContextFilter, 
could someone offer an easier way of getting a List/Collection of existing 
Topics in a JSP page... something that might work with the chat sample?

If anyone is  familiar with Bahamut, I need to mimic that chat 
damon's behavior with respect to:
+ Operators create a channel (topic) just by calling it (AMQ chat sample does 
+ Other users cannot join a channel unless it already exists

Thanks again for your help.


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