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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Using JMS effeciently in a SLSB
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 08:13:17 GMT
On 7/30/06, rhavyn <> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on integrating a EJB webservice endpoint into our messaging
> backend.  However I'm having some performance issues.  I'm using ActiveMQ in
> the GenericJMS Resource Adaptor with Glassfish.

FWIW ActiveMQ has its own Resource Adapter

> The problem I'm having specifically is getting a request/response
> interaction working at the speed we need it to.  I've spent the past two
> days looking into it and what I'm seeing is that creating the
> MessageConsumer is taking a really long amount of time (on the order of
> 30-50ms).

These links might help

> So, I tried caching the Session, MessageProducer and
> MessageConsumer as the ActiveMQ wiki recommends,

If you are using EJB then you should be using JCA so that it's proxy
ConnectionFactory does the connection/session pooling for you?

> but that also fails because
> the EJB specification states that an EJB can only have 1 open Session per
> Connection.  Thus, as soon as a second thread comes a long and tries to open
> a Session, everything breaks.  Closed Sessions to me no good because they
> close the MessageConsumer too.
> Is there some best practice that is generally used when creating a
> request/response iteraction inside the EJB container?  30-50ms might not
> seem like much but when you need to send to four or five different queues to
> complete the webservice call, the 200ms delay causes our website to slow to
> a crawl.  This is really frustrating because I can make the same set of
> calls using PHP and Stomp and the whole interaction takes less time then it
> takes just to instantiate a single MessageConsumer in Java.

If you are struggling with using JCA/Stomp you might want to just use
Lingo ( or write your own code which pools
the connection/session/producer/consumer for doing request/response


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