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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Consuming a group of messages in a single transaction
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 09:43:30 GMT
On 7/28/06, nlif <> wrote:
> I guess I could load and send the file in chunks, using ByteMessages,
> probably in the same manner the ActiveMQ output stream does it. So I will be
> using my own streaming solution, instead of an AMQ feature, but will gain
> the ablility to defer commiting until I have the whole stream.

The reason I've been suggesting splitting the file up is precisely so
that you can commit/acknowledge the message in chunks - rather than
deferring until you've got all of the messages. If you must defer
until you have all of the messages then using BytesMessage or the JMS
streams will have the same effect - the broker will need to keep them
all around in RAM until you commit/ack.

> BTW, another idea tossed around in our team was to wrap all items in a ZIP
> file, and them send it in a single (albeit huge) ByteMessage. Does this
> sound like a good idea to you? Are you aware of anyone using ZIP files for
> this?

We have compression on messages which you can enable which effectively
turn all messages into zips to compress things down. Though how much
compression are you gonna get on 200Mb?

To enable compression see the useCompression option...


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