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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Virtual Topics (was Re: Failover topic subscribers)
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 18:19:36 GMT
On 7/14/06, bmadigan <> wrote:
> >> - I'm calling ConsumerInfo.setDestination(virtualQueue) to point the
> >> consumer to a virtual queue. This is probably incorrect, not sure if
> >> there
> >> is a better way.
> >
> > Are you trying to transform a durable topic consumer into a queue
> > consumer? Am not sure you need. Am thinking if you are a topic
> > consumer (durable or non-durable) then we leave you as you are; a
> > fully JMS compliant durable topic consumer. However to use the nice
> > queue-centric virtual topics, you really use a queue consumer of the
> > right name and things all just work. (BTW the topic regions are
> > optimised so that if no consumers are available, publishing to a topic
> > is a no-op)
> >
> Yep, thats what I was attempting. If a subscriber signs up to a virtual
> topic,
> a queue is created for the virtual topic group. I was synching on next to
> make sure
> only one queue is created for any group of consumers. If I can just have the
> consumer
> subscribe to a Queue called ActiveMQ.Virtual.GroupName.TopicName, then I can
> just get rid of the addConsumer implementation completely. That makes it
> even simpler!

Agreed! Then it means that we're reusing all that code for
auto-creation of queues etc.

> >> - The virtual queues can't provide subscription recovery. Not sure how to
> >> handle that.
> >
> > Yeah thats true. Am not too worried about that right now - but we
> > could look at fixing that later on.
> >
> I think it will work now that I am not creating the Queues in the
> interceptor. I will test this since most of our teams implementing listeners
> require recovery.


BTW note that once a queue is created, messages will be delivered to
it for the virtual topic; so we'll have to add some kind of message
eviction for non-persistent messages at some point. (A quick fix could
be to make them persistent by default :)



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