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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Message queue is filled up.
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 06:31:27 GMT
The configuration you're using sounds perfect for the topic
configuraiton of market data. The error you are getting sounds like
its related to the queue filling up. For non-persistent queues your
only option is to increase the RAM usage manager for the queue to be
able to deal with you rmaximum  peak.

Just out of interest what is the purpose of the
registration/deregistration queue and why is it filling up? One quick
workaround is to just make it persistent - or use a faster consumer.

On 7/6/06, Kuppe <> wrote:
> I am working on a use case where i am distributing fast moving market data
> from a many different market data sources to many clients each receiving a
> client-specific stream of market data from each source. Typically the
> clients are connected to my broker over the internet, therefore can be
> considered to be slow consumers.
> The objective of the configuration is to provide high throughput on the
> server side where registration/deregistration take place to the different
> sources from a single registration coordinator, completely decoupled
> delivery of updates from the sources to the specific topics of consumers,
> and to only deliver to the consumers the latest market data updates in the
> case that slow consumers cannot handle the number of updates delivered by
> the sources. The configuration should also be able to handle a large number
> of clients.
> I am using ActiveMQ 4.0.1.
> I use a queue for registration/deregistration of market data and topics to
> distribute the market data updates, although there are usually only a small
> number of consumers connected to each topic as the market data updates are
> in fact receiver specific.
> I have configured all slow consumers with a prefetch limit of 100 and have
> configured a policy entry for the market data update topic with an
> oldestMessageEvictionStrateygy and a prefetchRatePendingMessageLimitStrategy
> with a multiplier of 1.
> I have not enabled persistence as the market data updates are highly
> volatile therefore it is more important that the latency of each market
> update is low rather than being made persistent. (I think this is perhaps
> the wrong way to think of persistence in this case, but i will leave that to
> you to explain...)
> The problem is that i constantly receive the message "Message queue is
> filled up". Unfortunately i do not get any further information from the log
> message that tells me where to look in the source for further information,
> and i cannot find any text in the source that relates to the log message. So
> i ask you how i can a) resolve this problem? and b) further improve my
> current configuration to realize my stated objectives?
> If you need further information regarding the configuration please let me
> know.
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