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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: AMQ 4.0.1 Memory Leak/Hang
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 08:54:56 GMT
Great - glad to hear its all working fine now :)

Its sometimes hard ensuring the semantics are preserved from release
to release; I'm wondering if  the default behaviour of ActiveMQ should
be to refuse to connect to a client using another jar version (unless
explicitly configured to be lenient).

We've a version number in OpenWire we can increase when we make things
incompatible on the wire format; am wondering if we should at least
log some kind of warning if  (say) a 4.0 client talks to a 4.0.1
broker as there could be some kind of issue arise. It seems a pretty
common problem people having a wrong jar on some node in the network
causing strangeness

On 7/5/06, Dave cawthorn <> wrote:
> BTW this use case is a very inefficient use of JMS...
> I know, it was just a test case to try and expose the problem that i was
> having. Thanks for the link though, it came in handy for "Discussions" with
> one of the other developers here ;-)
> Which version of ActiveMQ are you using and can we see your Java code?
> With some embarrassment I have to admit that my problem appears to have been
> from the fact that my broker was version 4.0.1 but my testing environment
> (eclipse/junit) was still using the 4.0 jar. This was what probably was
> causing the client to hang. After rectifying that situation I have managed
> to run my test for 2 hours and it appears to be stable now. I'm going to run
> a more comprehensive test using our actual code overnight to see if I've
> solved the problem i was having.
> Thanks for your support James!
> Dave
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