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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Duplicating Large Messages
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 08:16:46 GMT
On 7/4/06, nlif <> wrote:
> Thanks James. This is very valuable input.
> Consumer prefetch - this is a great tip. I was unware of this ActiveMQ
> feature. However, at this point, consumer memory is NOT my problem, since
> each consumer will recieve one copy of the large message, and they should be
> able to handle it.

The chances are a consumer could receive many messages (unless you
only send a message to one consumer then wait for a message response
before ever sending again).

> My problem is at the producer side, because it has to
> duplicate the messages.

FWIW using composite destinations you can send a single message to
multiple destinations.

this avoids the duplication on the producer but just pushes the
problem back onto the broker.

> Queue vs Topic - From your reply I understand that while using multiple
> queues will indeed result in message duplication - using a topic will not.
> And if using a durable topic will also take care of a scenario in which not
> all of the consumers are reachable at the time of sending, while not costing
> me in memory - then this may be a viable solution.  (you say that durable
> topics use the disk, right?)

Yes - they use a RAM cache which can be evicted and reloaded from disk.

> The reason I think I have to use selectors when using a topic, is because I
> sometime want to send something to some, but not all, of my consumers, and
> the recipients are determined dynamically. For example, I may need to send
> message A to consumers 1,3,5 and then message B to consumers 1,3,4. The only
> way I can think of is using a single Topic, adding a recipient list to the
> message header, and adding selectors to the consumers. Is there any other
> way? I would be happy to know.

That sounds fine to me. You'd get the benefits of durable topics but
the effect of kinda logical queues per consumer.

> ActiveMQ JMS Streams - Thanks for this tip! Does this mean that even when
> sending a huge file, at any given moment only a small portion of it is in
> memory? If so - this can be very helpful to us. Great feature!

Yes! Basically any massive file is split up into chunks (by default of
64K) so that any client (producer/consumer) or broker only has to keep
a few messages in RAM at any point in time so arbitrarily large files
can be exchanged using small amounts of RAM.

> In fact, one of the things I considered for handling very large messages,
> was splitting them to smaller ones, sending them separately, and then using
> an Aggregator on the consumer side (I read about this is Gregor Hohpe's
> excellent "Enterprise Integration Patterns").

Thats pretty much how JMS Streams work :)

> However, it seems to me that
> when running in a cluster - an aggregator cannot work, since parts of the
> message can end up in different machines on the cluster. Is there any way to
> split a message to smaller chunks and then ensure they all get to the same
> place, even in a cluster?

Yes - JMS Streams :)



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