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From "Pesochinskiy, Vadim \(MSCIBARRA\)" <>
Subject Deleting unused objects
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 22:28:08 GMT
I am using the lingo MultiplexingRequestor which, creates the temporary
queue. If I terminate application properly both the temporary queues and
associated Producers and Consumers are removed. However, in production
environment on the long run amq server can be terminated abruptly in
which case I will have a few objects of this type showing in JConsole
under Topic. This topics will not go away until I restart amq with
deleteAllMessagesOnStartup="true". Unfortunately, I cannot do that in
production, because I cannot remove messages during maintenance restart.
Is there any other way to clear objects that are not used, like empty
queues, topics, etc., while keeping messages and queues that contain
I see a lot of these kind of topics:
ActiveMQ.Advisory.Producer.Queue.<ID of the temporary queue>

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