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From "Saurabh Chandra" <>
Subject How to reconnect gracefully?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:37:19 GMT

I have an embedded activemq broker inside tomcat and a consumer
running on another tomcat server. I am able to start the broker, post
messages to a topic from a producer inside the broker tomcat itself,
which are recieved by a consumer listening on the consumer tomcat.
Using activemq 4.0 with spring.

I want to configure a graceful restart of the client tomcat, so thatI
can  restart the consumer tomcat and have it again listen to the topic

The scenario gives me an exception that the client-id already exists
(when the consumer wants to reconnect) and I have to restart the
broker and delete the journal for it to be able to reconnect. I
suspect that the client-id is registered with the broker and the new
client has to somehow resume connection instead of starting again. Can
someone point me to an exact solution?

thanks much

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