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From nlif <>
Subject Re: Consuming a group of messages in a single transaction
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 07:53:25 GMT

Thanks, James.

Sending just the URI is not an option in my case, since the participating
applications do not share a file server (or a database, for that matter). 

As for the second suggestion, just to make sure I understand: do you mean
that I should implement the equivalent of the ActiveMQ streams feature, by
splliting the files into JMS ByteMessages and then include them in the
MessageGroup and in the transaction? (btw I've looked at the Streams code,
and I know this is pretty much what it does, only that the input stream
auto-acknowledges each chunk, right?).

Now, could there be a different approach to all of this? My whole problem
stems from the fact I don't want to acknowledge ANY of the items (messages
and/or files) until I have ALL of them. The reason is simple: if my cosumer
crashes half-way, some data is lost. However, trying to sync the acks for
all different items, that may be passed via different mechanisms, makes
things very complicated for me.

Is there another way? Is it possible to go back to simple MessageListeners
and InputStream consumers, which acknowledge every item separately, but have
a different mechanism for ensuring their  state is recoverable? Maybe I
should go for a consumer that can persist its data? Or is this even harder
to achieve?

This seems to me like something many applications might require. Am I really
the only one faced with a scenario in which a transmission is composed of
several items, that cannot be sent as a single JMS message? Is there no
generic solution for this?


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