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From Christopher Mihaly <>
Subject Re: Publishing message to a durable subscription is limited
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2006 18:11:57 GMT

  Ok, I think the problem is that I do not understand how to setup
persistence and the persistence that comes with the config file out of the
box is not operational.   I tried to switch it to call out derby-ds by
adding the datasource to the persistence line and then uncomment out the
derby-ds lines in the config file.  Now, it creates a new database every
time I start up activemq, thus destorying all persisted messages. That
doesn't sound right.  I have the following quetions that I hope someone can

1). Is there some documentation on how to setup persistence to a activemq
novice?  I can't tell wht the options are or how to configure datasouces or
persistence managers.
2). Even with derby-db, a pubslisher will hang after about 2000 messages are
waiting for a subscriber to call it.  Is this right?  I believe this is
wrong?  Any ideas why this happens with journal and/or derby?
3). With derby-db, every time I start the broker, it re-creates the
database? This doesn't seem right?  How are messages persisted?


Christopher Mihaly wrote:
>   I have a Topic that I have a durable subscription on.   The agent isn't
> active.   Publishers are sending message.  But after a 1000 or so messges,
> all publishers will be hung until the durable subscriber comes on and
> reads the mssages off the queue.  
>     Does activemq put a limit to the number of messages that can be queued
> on a subscription?    I thought the reason for a database behind activemq
> was to allow for queuing significant number of events for subscribers.  
> This just sounds wrong.
>     Or does one have to change activemq configuration so that it can
> support this?
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