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From colincrist <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ JMX Questions..
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 13:14:30 GMT


> Getting changes since a time is a bit harder as we would have to
> maintain history. The GUI knows the timestamp on each message; so if
> it browses for a time-range, couldn't the absence of a message in a
> queue browser imply its been consumed? i.e. remove any message in the
> GUI which is not still in the queue browser?

I can implement by doing a full-refresh and comparing to what is already 
in Hermes - its no different to now, I was just looking for a possible

> Currently consumed messages just disappear from the browser. Its gonna
> be hard to not do that, as its kinda mandated by the spec - and we
> literally delete messages from queues when they are consumed (and so
> they get zapped from internal caches etc).

Okay, no problem.

> I'm just about to bring this up on the dev list; I don't see why we
> have 2 MBeans, one for active and one for inactive durable
> subscriptions; it seems to be asking for trouble - will see if we can
> have this resolved ASAP.

Good, thanks. Will this be in 4.1?

>> I only see queue MBeans once a consumer first exists after a Broker
>> startup
>> even if there are messages pending. A management console needs to see all
>> object with state once the broker has started.

> Yeah - we need a fix for that. (Plus I'd like us to be able to specify
> the destinations we want auto-creating on startup in the broker's
> configuration file).

> Have raised a JIRA for this...

Again, thanks, will this be in 4.1?



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