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From agrabil <>
Subject Re: JMS to JMS Bridge
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2006 20:18:30 GMT

Thank you.  So, I've added the consumerQueue attribute as you suggested:

   <broker useJmx="true">

       <journaledJDBC journalLogFiles="5" dataDirectory="../activemq-

        <transportConnector name="default" uri="tcp://localhost:61616"
        <transportConnector name="stomp"   uri="stomp://localhost:

       <!-- by default just auto discover the other brokers -->
       <networkConnector name="default" uri="multicast://default"/>



   <bean id="remoteFactory"  
           <constructor-arg value="localhost"/>
           <constructor-arg value="4001"/>
           <constructor-arg value="60000"/>

 <bean id="localQueue" class="org.apache.activemq.command.ActiveMQQueue">
    <constructor-arg value="MyQueue"/>

With this configuration, I still don't see messages on the SwiftMQ queue. 
Here is the activemq.log output from when the message is posted to ActiveMQ:

2006-07-06 16:05:29,132 [/] DEBUG AbstractRegion                
- Adding destination: queue://AgentScheduleQueue
2006-07-06 16:05:29,142 [/] DEBUG JournalPersistenceAdapter     
- Waking for checkpoint to complete.
2006-07-06 16:05:29,142 [eckpoint Worker] DEBUG JournalPersistenceAdapter     
- Checkpoint started.
2006-07-06 16:05:29,152 [eckpoint Worker] DEBUG JournalPersistenceAdapter     
- Checkpoint done.
2006-07-06 16:05:29,202 [/] DEBUG AbstractRegion                
- Adding destination: topic://ActiveMQ.Advisory.Queue
2006-07-06 16:05:29,252 [/] DEBUG JournalMessageStore           
- Journalled message add for: ID:rabil-g-xp-1589-1152216176532-1:0:1:1:1,
at: 0:14847
2006-07-06 16:05:29,252 [/] DEBUG MyQueue                       
- No subscriptions registered, will not dispatch message at this time.

>From this, it appears that it doesn't think there are any
consumers/subscribers for for the ActiveMQ "MyQueue" queue.  Does the
activemq.xml configuration above look correct, or have I missed something?

Thank you very much for your assistance,

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