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From moatas <>
Subject Two questions (Advisory Messages and Excessive Destinations)
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 16:32:55 GMT

After hooking up a profiler to ActiveMQ, we noticed that an exceptionally
high number of Destinations (ActiveMQQueue and ActiveMQTopic) are being
created.  After further review of the code, it appears there is no caching
involved, and there seems to be no 'hook' to allow us to plug in our own. 
The one place I thought I might be able to do this is with the
InitialContext and the LazyCreation of the destinations, but that only goes
so far.  Does it make sense or is it possible o reuse the destination
objects instead of creating them every time?

Also, the AdvisoryBroker is 'hardwired' into the BrokerService.  In our
case, we do not need the Advisory component.  What is the easiest way to
replace the BrokerService implementation without recompiling?

One last question.  Our application is built on servicemix and the clients
connect via JMS.  We have a dynamicjmssender component that will create
topics on the fly based on the message coming through, and our clients can
connect to about 200 or so topics.  Total number of topics we will probably
see is around 400.  We do not know before hand the topics that will be
needed.  And clients can subscribe to a topic that the server is not
delivering on at the moment.  This is the driving factor around caching some
of the destinations.  If I get 10 clients connected, I do not want thousands
of destinations created on the server.

Any thoughts?


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