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From The_real_Ulf <>
Subject JAAS authorizationEntry for temporary Queue
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 14:11:40 GMT

I'm using the JAAS-Plugin with ActiveMQ. It works fine so far. But the
proplem is, that I don't know how to set an authorizationEntry in the
activemq.xml for a temporary Queue. The aim is to allow a group to read from
their own temporary Queue.
I have this in my activemq.xml:

      <!--  use JAAS to authenticate using the login.config file on the
classpath to configure JAAS -->
      <jaasAuthenticationPlugin configuration="activemq-domain" />

      <!--  lets configure a destination based authorization mechanism -->
              <authorizationEntry queue=">" read="managers" write="managers"
admin="managers" />
              <authorizationEntry queue="manage" read="managers"
write="clients" admin="managers,clients" />
		  <authorizationEntry queue="clients.>" read="clients" write="managers"
admin="managers" />
		  <authorizationEntry topic=">" read="managers" write="managers"
admin="managers" />
		  <authorizationEntry topic="ActiveMQ.Advisory.>" read="managers,clients"
write="managers,clients" admin="managers,clients"/>

With my client i create a TemporaryQueue via:

tempQueue = inSession.createTemporaryQueue();

this works, but if i want to create a consumer for the queue I get an error:

MessageConsumer tempConsumer = inSession.createConsumer(tempQueue);

Error: javax.jms.JMSException: User client is not authorized to read from:

So the question is, how to tell him that any user "client" from group
"clients" is allowed to consume it's own temporaryQueue?
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