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From ENP <>
Subject Re: Embedded broker with Spring : java.lang.ClassCastException
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 11:34:19 GMT

Steps to reproduce:

[john@prokopiev jms]$ unzip   
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/bin/
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/conf/
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/docs/
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/example/
   creating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/example/activemq-web-console/
   inflating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/userGuide.html  
   inflating: incubator-activemq-4.0.1/var/activemq.log  
[john@prokopiev jms]$ echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bean id="broker" class=""
<property name="transportConnectorURIs">
</beans> ' > incubator-activemq-4.0.1/conf/activemq.xml
[john@prokopiev jms]$ cd incubator-activemq-4.0.1/bin
[john@prokopiev bin]$ sh activemq
ACTIVEMQ_HOME: /home/john/devel/java/jms/incubator-activemq-4.0.1
Loading message broker from: xbean:activemq.xml
INFO  BrokerService                  - ActiveMQ 4.0.1 JMS Message Broker
(localhost) is starting
INFO  BrokerService                  - For help or more information please
INFO  JDBCPersistenceAdapter         - Database driver recognized:
INFO  JournalPersistenceAdapter      - Journal Recovery Started from: Active
Journal: using 2 x 20.0 Megs at:
INFO  JournalPersistenceAdapter      - Journal Recovered: 0 message(s) in
transactions recovered.
INFO  TransportServerThreadSupport   - Listening for connections at:
INFO  TransportConnector             - Connector
tcp:// Started
INFO  BrokerService                  - ActiveMQ JMS Message Broker
(localhost, started
ERROR: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to execute start task. Reason:
ERROR: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.ClassCastException:
INFO  BrokerService                  - ActiveMQ Message Broker (localhost, is shutting down
INFO  TransportConnector             - Connector
tcp:// Stopped
INFO  VMTransportFactory             - Shutting down VM connectors for
broker: localhost
INFO  BrokerService                  - ActiveMQ JMS Message Broker
(localhost, stopped

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