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From Tito Flagella <>
Subject Re: Getting OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 17:36:32 GMT
christyc wrote:

>Anyway, we have multiple users as publishers and am trying to test the
>persistentence capability by not having any consumers consume messages.  We
>have some requirements that 1 million messages must be persisted and in our
>current test, we generate up to 400k messages and then get OutOfMemoryError
>: Java heap space coming from ActiveMQ.  From what I see on the website,
>having topics that are durable should be persisted to the database and
>spooled to disk.
We are doing a very similar test and getting better results, using both 
the journal and postgres db as persistent backend (find the broker 
configuration enclosed).

We have now a serious problem in the broker not recovering from postgres 
failures. When that happens, amq let quickly grow one of the the journal 
files from about 20 MB to 60 and then blocks forever. Neither restarting 
postgres nor restarting the broker allow amq to recover.

To replicate the problem:

- Linux, java 1.5
- ActiveMQ 4.0.1
- activemq.xml, as enclosed
- postgres 7.4.13

Then run the enclosed producer. After running for some minutes, stop 
postgres and amq will not be able to recover, neither restarting 
postgres nor restarting amq.


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