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From Jeff Wysong <>
Subject Re: Run broker from source snapshot
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2006 21:55:49 GMT
I used the ant tasks.  I have very little experience with maven.  The 
example works if I do:

ant embedBroker

and then on another console window do:

ant producer
ant consumer

these work fine for me, if I run them in that order.  However, if I run 
the producer task before I run the embedBroker task, then I get the same 
connection refused connection error.  So now I'm thinking that something 
is wrong with my broker configuration.  Any ideas???



bmadigan wrote:
> The docs ( say to use
> maven to run the broker:
> maven run:broker
> or
> maven server
> Neither of which are valid tasks. The run:broker fails because there is no
> 'run' plugin, and 'server' is not a task.
> How do you run the dev snapshots?

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