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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Performance Tuning guide available...
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:08:53 GMT
On 6/16/06, skarthik <> wrote:
> Thanks James,
> The guide is useful. I have a couple of questions.
>  Suppose we really don't need persistence as we don't use durable
> subcribers, would there be any other reason to use persitent messages?

Durable queues in particular allow you to have massive queues; rather
than limit queues to a specific size defined in some RAM buffer.

>  I got the impression from various posts, that enabling/using perisistence,
> optimizes the activeMQ server memory usage in case of large volume of
> messages, as the message would not be kept in memory once it is
> check-pointed.

Yes. If you use pure in-RAM based queues then at some point the
configured RAM buffer fills up and our only option is to block
producers until it frees back up again. This is not the case with
persistent queues since we can spool to disk.

There's also the big difference that if you are using non-persistent
messaging and someone kills the broker, you loose messages.



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