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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: limit the number of messages per second
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:45:04 GMT
On 6/15/06, Gerdes, Mike <> wrote:
> I want this feature to make AMQ a bit more stable, to reduce network traffic and prevent
flooding and to avoid that a software with errors kills my system.

You can use the prefetch for that...

to limit how many messages are dispatched to a consumer.

> From what I noticed is that AMQ does have some memory problems and that it hits under
certain circumstances 100 used memory and crashes then.

Whats the crash? Is this the broker or client?

>  But thats the smaller reason. The major reason is just for security. In my testing and
application I need to have a system that is more or less stable and secure. And DoS and flooding
of queues seems to me a big problem.

How about using security so only nodes you trust can publish to your queues?

> One thing about the memory problem, I have encountered. With more then one consumer and
using queue, AMQ crashes with 100% used memory if I send as fast as possible. This happens
with and without async messages. What I noticed is that the usageManagers request more and
more memory and at some point don't get it and then block. When a message from a queue is
read, its memory is not freed. With only on consumer this haven'T been the case. There has
the memory be freed.
> (I put reference counter System.out.println into the usageManger)

Which version of ActiveMQ are you using? Also are you using persistent
queues? (I'm guessing not as that is not memory bound).

If you are using 4.0 have you disabled optimizeAck? (see the known issues)



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