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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: performance questions
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 06:48:56 GMT
On 6/15/06, massive.boisson <> wrote:
> Hi;
> Questions:
> 1.      How many clients (very approximately) can one broker handle?

Depends on various things

typically thousands. On a decent, properly configured linux/solaris
box it can handle around 10K clients. Though it depends on your OS,
CPU, load etc.

> 2.      Would you suggest having clients connect every 3 minutes and produce and
> consume required messages, or would you suggest clients permanently being
> connected to broker?

Permanently connected; its more efficient and adds less load.

> 3.      What load on broker is opening and keeping an open connection, what
> resource does it use up?

Creating a connection & socket takes a little while. RAM overhead is
minimal; its mostly just you use a socket (file descriptor)

> 4.      Once connection is open can I consider creating a session for producer
> and a session for consumer (much) less expensive?

Yes - in the sense that a session reuses the connection's socket;
though in terms of latency its expensive...

> Our biggest concern is broker(s) ability to handle large number of our
> clients.

How many do you need?

> These are key feature of our messaging system:
> •       ActiveMQ broker (growing into network of brokers) running on a
> top-of-the-line desktop machine with maximum RAM.
> •       1 server client to process messages using Jenks.
> •       Many clients (at least 1000. Possibly will grow to million)

Based on your load and environment find out how many each broker can
handle; then have a federated network of as many brokers as you need.

> •       Many persistent queues. (as much as clients)
> •       Clients consume and produce very few messages. For example every 3 minutes
> they produce 5 messages and consume 30. Nothing happens in between (or if it
> does, it is ok that it waits).

I suspect one broker should be able to deal with 10K clients without
breaking into a sweat (assuming your OS can handle that many sockets)

> •       All clients connect over SSL and are authenticated and authorized by LDAP
> server!
> Any kind of help/pointers will be greatly welcomed and appriciated.

Sounds fine to me.



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