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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: getting more debug information?
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 16:55:27 GMT
On 6/6/06, pauldale <> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm trying to get my head around activemq and have been having a really hard
> time finding documentation that is helpful. Everything on the activemq site
> seems to be one or two-liners which aren't really helpful.
> Is there any source of documentation or tutorials with more comprehensive
> information than the links on
> Perhaps a user's guide?

I'm afraid not.

> As an example, I am attempting to debug a stomp connection. What I expect to
> happen doesn't seem to be happening, so I would like to turn on some verbose
> debugging output to be able to trace what activemq is doing in response to
> the STOMP commands.
> I've followed the very sparse instructions in the faq (
> ), but
> am still not seeing connection level detail in the log.
> Is there an option to see this sort of information? ( I know that the stomp
> adaptor is working as I'm getting the CONNECTED response back ... )
> In general, is there a link with a list of what configuration options are
> available and what they do, especially logging?

For logging as the page you mention says, we use Jakarta Commons
Logging to enable/disable logging so that you can use it or log4j to
configure which logging levels to choose. (e.g. try clicking on the
links on that page).

I've fixed up some bad links on that page and added a link to the
log4j manual where you can find more detailed instructions on enabling
& disabling logging levels with log4j's configuration file

(you might need to hit refresh in your browser)



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