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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: which code to use (was: Re: Broker not delivering messages to consumer)
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 15:24:42 GMT
On 6/6/06, massive.boisson <> wrote:
> I am still in initial phases of development my app with AMQ. Production will
> be in about 4 months.
> Existance of relativiely  'obvious' or 'critical' bugs, and their fixes
> probobly means I should use latest code.

Given we're always improving the software and fixing more issues and
tuning things, its generally a safe rule to use the latest releases...

> My questions are:
> - what is the best way to get the latest code (including patches)? I was
> looking at the site, and it seems there is no usual nightly build option.
> Means I should get it from SVN and compile it on my local machine?

There's a link on the download page I just updated...

unfortunately it looks like the nightly snaphot builds have broken
again so will try get those running again so that you can just
download binaries and not have to build things yourself.

But you can certainly grab the latest from SVN and build that with
maven 2.0.4 or later.

> - what is your opinion, how experimental is latest code on SVN? is this to
> maybe cause more pain then gain?

There's little experimentation going on these days; we've mostly been
focussing on bug fixing and tuning for quite a few months now. The
main area of development other than minor ease of use things and bug
fixes will be in the Kaha persistent store which is an optional
feature (not enabled by default yet anyway).



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