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From "Hiram Chirino" <>
Subject Re: detaching message group affinity
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:16:21 GMT
On 6/19/06, James Strachan <> wrote:
> On 6/17/06, Sanjiv Jivan <> wrote:
> > The Message Group functionality of Active MQ 4.0 is really neat. I have a
> > couple of questions regarding this
> >
> > 1. Is this feature fully supported/tested with the P2P discovery style
> > broker topology? Are they any test cases or samples I can try. I looked for
> > them in the source but wasn't able to locate them. And when I tried running
> > such a scenario, I did not see a proper load balancing (even round robin
> > style) of message groups across available brokers. When messages belonging
> > to different message groups are sent, oftentimes only one or a small
> > percentage of running brokers are chosen as recipients. As a result I end up
> > with some brokers that are overloaded while others are sitting idle.
> Generally Message Groups only apply to the broker which you are using;
> there is no global cross-broker load balancing. So its intended when
> using a traditional client-broker topology rather than a peer based
> network.
> Though I'm surprised that you are finding on a single broker it is not
> load balancing requests across multiple brokers. Are you sure there
> are suitable consumers on those brokers?

I don't think our brokers differentiate between a local consumer and a
remote consumer accessed via a network.  The broker could pick a
remote consumer as the 'owner' of a group and all subsequent messages
with that group id go to that remote broker.  And then the remote
broker gets the message and would actually pick a different local

So, yeah I could see how load balancing might not work correctly.
This coupled with the fact that if there are multiple producers
attached to different brokers, then each producers broker may elect a
different 'owner' for the group which does not help matters at all.

It would have been idea if either 1) a single consumer is picked to be
the 'owner' across the whole broker network or 2) there is a consumer
owner per broker and messages are balanced across all the brokers.  I
think #1 is the better option since it would allow for sequential
processing of messages on a single node.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Perhaps by employing some kind of broker advisory?

> > 2. Is there a way to detach a message group affinity to a particular broker.
> Just set JMSXGroupSeq to zero on the last message which 'closes' the
> message group so if another message is sent in the future with the
> same group ID it will be reassigned to a new consumer.
> message.setIntProperty("JMSXGroupSeq", 0);
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> James
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