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From Charles Anthony <>
Subject ThroughPut : Small vs Large Messages
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 10:02:46 GMT

We use AMQ (4) as the client/server transport in our system. For some of our
clients, we host the application at our site, and though connect remotely
via VPN. Sometimes, we (well, usually they) have trouble setting up the VPN
and setting firewall configs etc - so I am just knocking together a little
noddy diagnostics program - i.e. connect to the AMQ server, create a temp
queue, create a producer, create a consumer, send and receive a load of

All well and good.

I thought I'd go a bit crazy, then, and try and work out message throughput
based on message size (i.e. send & reveive A x byte[B] => bytes sent = A*B,
bytes-per-second= A*B/num-secs) - not as a real measurement, but more as
wavy-hand type uide. 
I've turned async send off for this diagnostic thingy, and messages are sent

Here's the weird thing.

If send small messages ( < 1300 ish bytes), I am getting roundtrip of approx
200 ms
If send larger messages ( > 1300 ish bytes - say 2048), I am getting
roundtip of < 15 ms

Is there a reasonable explanation for this ? Maybe compression kicking in ?
I'm just a bit befuddled.



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