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From christyc <>
Subject Re: hung connecting to broker
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 15:16:06 GMT

Here's the stack trace, it does look similiar to the problem you noted.

Thread [Thread-2] (Suspended)

            Object.wait(long) line: not available [native method]

            CountDownLatch(Object).wait() line: not available

            CountDownLatch.await() line: 179

            WireFormatNegotiator.oneway(Command) line: 73

            MutexTransport.oneway(Command) line: 44

            ResponseCorrelator.asyncRequest(Command, ResponseCallback) line:

            ResponseCorrelator.request(Command) line: 73

            ActiveMQConnection.syncSendPacket(Command) line: 1112

            ActiveMQConnection.ensureConnectionInfoSent() line: 1200

            ActiveMQConnection.start() line: 434

            JMSUtil.getConnection(String) line: 170

            JMSUtil.getSession(boolean, String) line: 225

            JMSUtil.getSession(boolean) line: 193

            SourceListener.registerForSourceTopic() line: 46

            SourceManager.initialize() line: 69

            GroupMgmtModel.<init>() line: 62

Object[]) line: not available [native method]

            NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Object[]) line: not

            DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Object[]) line:
not available

            Constructor<T>.newInstance(Object...) line: not available

            Class<T>.newInstance0() line: not available

            Class<T>.newInstance() line: not available

            MgmtFactory.createClass(MgmtFactory$MgmtModelInfo) line: 595

            MgmtFactory.loadAllAdminModels() line: 567

            MgmtFactory.<clinit>() line: 122

            StartupLoader.loadMgmtModels() line: 123

            NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Method, Object, Object[]) line:
not available [native method]

            NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not

            DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Object, Object[]) line: not

            Method.invoke(Object, Object...) line: not available

            LoadMethodInvoker.invokeLoadMethod(Object) line: 41

            StartupLoader.start(Properties) line: 68

            PEGenericServlet$ line: 121

   line: not available

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