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From jsalvo <>
Subject Re: 4.0 Consumer OutOfMemoryError bug?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 06:03:04 GMT

After restarting the broker and starting the test client, I was not able to
reproduce the problem until after some significant amount of time.

I believe that the reason is not because of the number of connections ...
The problem is also not related to consumers ( even with consumers not
cleanup cleanly ).

Instead, the problem seems to be with producers. 

After running a JMS client producer with produced lots of messages (
non-transacted, auto-acknowledged ), JConsole shows the memory heap usage
DOES NOT go down, even after telling JConsole to do a garbage collection.

However, after running a JMS client consumer, JConsole shows the memory heap
usage DOES go down after telling JConsole to do a garbage collection ...
even if the JMS client producer did not clean up properly (e.g. testing how
resilient the JMS provider is when a JMS client JVM is killed, etc.. )

I ran this test a couple of times, and the evidence so far shows that the
broker is somehow not releasing some resource that the JMS client producer
had even after the JMS client has exited / disconnected.

Apart from that, even when there are no JMS clients, the memory usage goes
up continuously ... but on slightly. Then again, even after I tell JConsole
to do a GC, the heap memory usage graph does not go down as well ... So that
maybe another case separate from the producer case.

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