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From amerigo5 <>
Subject Re: [Un]reliable:// network of AMQ brokers with Lingo
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2006 20:29:10 GMT

red3 wrote:
> amerigo5 wrote:
>> My solution to have a HA system is to combine Network of Brokers and
>> Master/Slave topologies.
>> Assumptions: Network of Brokers is a clustering solution.  Master/Slave
>> is a replication solution.
>> My setup would be: 
>> 1. Have a network of master brokers ie master1 and master2.
>> 2. Have 2 slave brokers ie slave1 (master1 slave) and slave2 (master2
>> slave).  Slave1 and slave2 brokers are not networked.
>> 3. Configure the slave broker so that when its master broker shuts down
>> (or fails), it would also shut down (activemq.xml:
>> shutdownOnMasterFailure=true). Please refer to
>> for setting this
>> configuration.
>> This is setup is not a perfect HA solution but it is close.
>> Thanks.
> Forgive my confusion, but James said that master/slave was probably the
> situation we want, since we want to failover to the slave broker in the
> event that the master fails.
> However, you are telling me that the failover is a feature of the network
> of brokers, and to shut down the slave in the event of master failure and
> failover to the other master/slave combination.
> On top of this we have encountered some serious anomolies in networked
> broker scenarios (with ActiveMQ 3) and have had to switch back to using
> just one ActiveMQ broker in production.
> Could you (or someone) please clarify?

If I am not mistaken, the failover is not a feature of network brokers and
master/slave topologies.  Failover is handled by the JMS client or other
failover solutions.

For the failover to work, the JMS client must be aware of the brokers in the
network (failover:(tcp://master1:61616,tcp://master2:61616)).  Please refer
to for configuring
the client connection.

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