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From Frank Baxter <>
Subject Slow consumer problem
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 04:27:03 GMT

I've read through the slow consumer issues, but I still can't figure out how
to solve this problem.

I'm using AMQ 4.0 with persistent queues.  I've got several message
producers that are reading information from an external system and creating
JMS messages.  They do this in bursts, sometimes with a high input rate. 
The messages end up around 300K in size.  I use auto-ack on these producers.

My consumers are slow, and sometimes are not even running.  I'm expecting
the JMS system to queue the messages up in the persistent storage.  When my
consumers are running they will pull messages off as they can.  I use
client-ack on the consumers (they are actually a chain of consumer/producers
with decision points).

It seems that the default behavior for AMQ is to slow down my producers when
the messages queue up.  Eventually (seems to be around 2500 messages) they
stop completely.  This causes a problem with my initial producers because
they are also receiving inputs from the external (non JMS) system.  With AMQ
they are failing because they are timing out talking to that other system.

What I'm looking for is a way to remove that auto-slow down logic in my
producers.  I want these producers to write messages as fast as possible so
I don't impact my external system.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can
achieve this with AMQ?

BTW, I have this system implemented and working using JBoss MQ, but I'm
looking to replace it due to performance issues, especially when large
queues exist and the JBoss server restarts.

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