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From dhurlburtusa <>
Subject Pop Quiz. Who can answer these questions correctly and throughly?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 22:33:36 GMT

I can't find any useful documentation. All I find is explanations about a
bunch of features ActiveMQ has but nothing says how to use it. The current
documentation is like a dictionary. It explains/defines all the words but it
does not tell you how to put them together to compose an essay. I don't mean
to knock the documentation but it really needs some work. I would be happy
to contribute but I can't if I can't understand how to use ActiveMQ.

Some things I have questions about:

What is a transport connector? How is it used? How do I configure one?

What is a network connector? How is it used? How do I configure one?

What is the difference between a transport connector and a network

Where can I find a full DTD to use in my XML configuration file? All I find
is a partial schema or DTD. Neither have definitions to the elements defined
by Spring's configuration.

What happens to a slave broker after it becomes a master and the original
master is restarted? There is no documentation about what happens during
recovery. When the original master restarts, does the current master (which
was the previous slave) go back into slave mode? Do all the clients
reconnect to the newly restarted master?

The current documentation says that a master/slave broker configuration is
recommended. Why? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Can you have a master/slave/slave/... setup? For example: use

Can you setup a network of master/slave brokers? Would this even be useful?

About the example broker configuration files. Why is that not a <!DOCTYPE or
a xml namespace and schemaLocation? None of my XML editors validate the
files. None of the editors provide auto-completion with out a proper DOCTYPE
or schema reference.     

After looking at the  xsd  I am confused. Many examples I see have
networkConnectors elements and transportConnectors elements. All I find is
networkConnector or transportConnector elements in the XSD. Where is the
documentation explaining the purpose of the attributes for each element?

Help with these questions might allow me to keep my current job.


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