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From Adrian Tarau <>
Subject Re: Connection close
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 14:52:24 GMT
Well, I searched again the whole code(after close() ), and is not too 
much code to search, I close only Consumers, Producers, Writers, 
OutputStreams, and the connection and browse on a shutdown hook. Maybe 
I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I do I don't close the connection.
The strange thing is that is happened random, cannot figure out the 
conditions. Once it was at 3 minutes after I started the application, 
that was strange !!!

James Strachan wrote:
> On 6/2/06, Adrian Tarau <> wrote:
>> I have broker with VM connector and I keep one session to this
>> connector. After a while I cannot consume messages, I got
>> "avax.jms.IllegalStateException: The Session is closed" even if I don't
>> close the connection.
> Sounds like the connection was closed. You positive you're not closing
> it someplace? You're not using Spring's JmsTemplate or anything?
>> Is not safe to keep a session opened for a long time?
> It should work.
>> There is some
>> background job that close long running sessions?
> We have an inactivity timeout you can enable on a transport which will
> close inactive connections on the broker side - other than that no.

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