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From William Blackburn <>
Subject Re: Disable federation of brokers
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 18:36:20 GMT
Thank you for your reply. I'm pretty sure the right config is loaded,  
because we are also setting up journalled jdbc persistence using a  
postgres database and specifiying a location for the journal - the  
database is being created and used, and the journal file is being  
written in the specified location. Since I've only made these  
configuration changes in this one file, I can only assume this means  
I'm looking at the right one, yet upon starting, I'll get:

Multicast Discovery Agent Notifier 2006-06-14 11:26:31,452 INFO   
[DemandForwardingBridge:start] Starting a network connection between  
vm://peer-fastgt-local-49667-1150309582986-4-0#2 and tcp://null:0 has  
been established.
Multicast Discovery Agent Notifier 2006-06-14 11:26:31,464 WARN   
[NetworkConnector:onServiceAdd] Could not start network bridge  
between: vm://peer-fastgt-local-49667-1150309582986-4-0?network=true  
and: tcp://T43-Kiev2:2378 due to: T43- 
Kiev2 T43-Kiev2
         at org.apache.activemq.transport.tcp.TcpTransport.doStart 

My full file is:

<beans xmlns="">
     <broker id="broker" useJmx="false">

             <journaledJDBC journalLogFiles="5"  
dataDirectory="#dataDir" dataSource="#postgres-ds"/>

             <!--  <transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:61616"  
discoveryUri="multicast://default"/> -->
             <transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:61616"/>

             <networkConnector uri="multicast://default"/>
             <networkConnector uri="static://(tcp://host1:61616,tcp:// 

     <!--  This xbean configuration file supports all the standard  
spring xml configuration options -->

     <!-- Postgres DataSource Sample Setup -->
     <bean id="postgres-ds"  
         <property name="serverName" value="localhost"/>
         <property name="databaseName" value="activemq"/>
         <property name="portNumber" value="0"/>
         <property name="dataSourceName" value="postgres"/>
         <property name="initialConnections" value="1"/>
         <property name="maxConnections" value="10"/>
         <property name="user" value="activemq"/>
         <property name="password" value="activemq"/>

     <!-- MySql DataSource Sample Setup -->
     <bean id="mysql-ds"  
class="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource" destroy-method="close">
         <property name="driverClassName"  
         <property name="url" value="jdbc:mysql://localhost/activemq"/>
         <property name="username" value="activemq"/>
         <property name="password" value="activemq"/>
         <property name="poolPreparedStatements" value="true"/>

     <!-- Embedded Derby DataSource Sample Setup -->
     <bean id="derby-ds"  
         <property name="databaseName" value="derbydb"/>
         <property name="createDatabase" value="create"/>

     <!-- Directories relative to web app -->
     <bean id="servletContext"  
" />
     <bean id="dataDir" class="org.springframework.web.util.WebUtils"  
         <constructor-arg ref="servletContext" />
         <constructor-arg value="/data" />


On Jun 14, 2006, at 11:24 AM, Hiram Chirino wrote:

> Yes that looks correct.
> I suspect that perhaps a different configuration file is being loaded
> up instead of the one you think is being loaded then.
> On 6/14/06, William Blackburn <> wrote:
>> Sorry if this is an often requested question, but I've been looking
>> over the docs and list archives and I just can't seem to find the
>> answer.
>> We have multiple developers frequently deploying activemq in the own
>> environments during test/development, yet the activemq brokers all
>> still try and federate. I've played withe the activemq config, but no
>> matter what I try I can't stop them. Is there a way to prevent the
>> discovery and federation process? the broker section of my file
>> currently looks like:
>>      <broker id="broker" useJmx="false">
>>          <persistenceAdapter>
>>              <journaledJDBC journalLogFiles="5"
>> dataDirectory="#dataDir" dataSource="#postgres-ds"/>
>>          </persistenceAdapter>
>>          <transportConnectors>
>>              <transportConnector uri="tcp://localhost:61616"/>
>>          </transportConnectors>
>>      </broker>
> -- 
> Regards,
> Hiram

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